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Address: Business development center, Tianqiao District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.
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About us / Company Profile

Shandong DEXIYA Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in the production of single screw and twin screw extruders for a variety of food products, microwave drying and sterilization machines.
The main products are single and twin screw extruders for the production of treats, animal feed, corn flakes, rice, soy texture, soybeans, chips, potato sticks, toasted rice crust, 3D pellets, stuffed bars, fry chips, semi-finished rice chips, corn chips, frying instant noodle processing line, microwave drying and sterilization plant.
DEXIYA enjoys fame in China and all over the world for its advanced technology, strict management and excellent services, has achieved significant success, occupies a leading position in the industry.
The products of DEXIYA operate and make a profit in countries such as China, Russia, Uzbekistan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Iran, Africa, and so on. Shandong DXY Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd offers you the best products and excellent services. We will be glad to cooperate with you. Let's enjoy common prosperity!

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