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Microwave Equipment of Drying and Sterilizing Silkworm Cocoon

Recently, a customer from Thailand purchased our microwave equipment to dry and sterilize silkworm cocoon. After many rounds of negotiations, the customer decided to order Model DXY20.

Silkworm cocoon has high medicinal and economic value. Silkworm cocoon has a choline - like effect, it can treat blood in stool and urine, blood collapse, thirst, nausea, chancre, carbuncle swelling through processing. Its silk is light, tough and not easily torn, making it an excellent material for textiles.

Model: DXY20
Power: 20kw
Dimensions: 8200mm*1300mm*1800mm
Application: textiles, herbal plants, dried fruits, chemical, etc
Advantages: high-efficiency, ingredient-remained, electricity-saving, easy operation, sanitary
Under low temperature(75-80℃), the equipment is drying and sterilizing, in the same time, it can remain more nutritional and self texture and shape, and it has expanded effect. Microwave can directly interact with silkworm cocoon and its bacteria and other microorganisms, thermal effect and non-thermal effect work together, those achieve quick heat and shorten processing time(3-5 minutes). It not only maintains the medicinal value and economic value of silkworm cocoon, but also improves the efficiency.

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