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Maintenance&Troubleshooting of microwave equipment

Any technician who uses and maintains microwave equipment must comply with local and national regulations, have received corresponding training, and have corresponding qualifications. The technician should also be trained on how to use and maintain this equipment, and some maintenance works must Comply with the requirements of existing safety practices.
The technical personnel of this equipment must be trained to comply with the existing electrical appliances in safe and coordinated use of this equipment. The technical personnel must also be familiar with the relevant documents of actual operation.
Under any circumstances, the equipment manufacturer shall not be liable and liable for any damages that may be caused by improper use of the equipment.
1. During the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to open any cabinet observation door;
2. Every shift must be cleaned to remove materials dropped into the box;
3. When the equipment is operating normally, no metal objects are allowed to enter the heating box;
4. Gearboxes, chains, rollers, rollers and other movable parts should be refueled every shift;
5. The main power supply must be cut off during maintenance, and the maintenance can be performed only after the capacitor is completely discharged;
6. In order to increase the service life of the magnetron and various electrical components, it is recommended that this equipment be used and maintained by a dedicated person;
7. This equipment must be separately grounded and must be safely and reliably grounded.

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