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Shipment of the production dog food line to Moscow

On February 16, DEXIYA delivered a dog food production line to Moscow, Russia.
Gross weight: 3500kg.
Volume 25m3, container 20GP.
Transportation route: EXW Binzhou - Vladivostok - Moscow.

Dog and cat are our friends. They are loyal and kind and never complain. The owner for them is the whole world. Food plays a vital role in their growth and health. Good food has a complex nutrition, high speed of digestion and assimilation, a scientific recipe and enhances the pet's immunity.

Nowadays, more and more people keep a dog or a cat, and these four-legged babies have become an integral part of people's family life. The pet food industry is developing at an ever faster pace due to low investment, low risk and a wide market. It is an industry especially suitable for individuals to invest in entrepreneurship and companies to open a new direction. DEXIYA has been developing and manufacturing pet food equipment for more than ten years, has a professional technical team, and has a good reputation and experience. Products are liked not only by domestic buyers, but also exported abroad.

Our line can produce dry food for dogs, cats, fish and birds.

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